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Meaning Of The Lotus Flower - Lotus Meaning
Lotus flowers are so beautiful and each has it's own Lotus meaning.

Gather detailed info on blooming perennial flowers in this online resource. Learn about perennial garden flowers, which add variety and bloom to any garden.

BloomIQ is a resource for simple flower garden design. Browse collections for deer resistant flowers, hummingbird flowers, and more, and specify your gardening zones and light specifications to get results tailored to your needs. Also find container garden ideas, care tips, and more, all for free.

My garden - Thijs
Descriptions and photographs of the garden in different seasons. Information about garden plants (and also about insects in the garden).

Lewis Gardens
Your complete guide to perennial plant and flower care. Perennial gardening for beginners, including garden tips and perennial gardening advice and information.

Flower Gardening Made Easy
Tips for creating a successful flower garden.

Rose Flower Garden
Rose gardening advice, tips, and information.

Wildflowers, Annuals, and Perennials
Learn about raising all types of flowers in this collection of articles by Essortment.


Flower Gardening Tips
Learn all of our flower gardening secrets.

B's Country Garden
This is a canna lily gardening site. It includes photos of blooming canna lilies and instrucions for planting, growing and the care of canna lillies.

Perennial Flower Gardening Tips
There are several hundred perennial flower gardening tips articles on this website - ranging from growing specific plants to designing with them. You can learn how to propagate perennials and get your questions answered in the gardening newsletter.

Winter flowers
With Christmas just around the corner, there is no doubt that thoughts of what to eat, (mince pies, and lots of them!) and what to wear, (cosy chunky knits) have been whirring around in festive-filled fantasies, but what about beautiful winter-flowering houseplants?

Concord Flower Shop
The Concord Flower Shop is a local, independent florist and has been since 1898. We are skilled artisans proudly delivering unparalleled beauty and value. We're unique. You're unique. Shouldn't your flowers be unique too?

Hippeastrum species, Native Amaryllis
Pictures of a private collection of rare hippeastrum species: native amaryllis of South America.