How To Add Rustic Charm To Your Home

rustic interior design

If you are someone who loves spending time outdoors, then a rustic interior design is probably the best possible option for your home. Achieving the rustic look isn’t easy and there are often many factors that need to be considered. You can’t just purchase furniture that reminds you of the countryside, you also need to think about things like natural lighting, paint shades and accessories.

To help you add some rustic charm to your home, we thought we would offer some of our best tips and tricks. Read on to hear about some of the changes that you can make to achieve this look this year.

Use Natural Textures

One of the best ways to add rustic charm to your home is to use natural colours and textures. In many countryside homes, there are flowery textures placed around the home, alongside patterned wallpaper and floor coverings. Your upholstery should also use natural textures if you want to really bring this theme to life.

Many people only consider colours when picking out pieces, but texture is very important. If you can, feel every material before you purchase to make sure that it will suit the style of your home. This might be tricky if you are purchasing online but you can potentially request samples to help you make the right choice.

Focus On the Kitchen

Traditionally, homes that already have rustic charm have a welcoming kitchen with a dining space and plenty of chairs. The kitchen is the heart of the home and so if yours isn’t hitting the mark then you won’t be achieving the rustic style that you had hoped for. Think about everything from your worktops to the tables and chairs in the kitchen.

Wood works really well in rustic kitchens so avoid buying silver appliances and a glass dining table as this will only have the opposite effect. Typically, the more wood in there, the better! You should be able to find some great wooden pieces that can complement the overall design of the kitchen.

Accessories Are Important

If you don’t have a big budget to completely renovate your home in order to add some rustic charm, accessories can come in handy. For example, by simply adding a few signature pieces in the dining room or the living room, you can make it feel just that bit more rustic and natural. You won’t want to clutter your home with accessories but when you do have a few pieces, the home tends to look a bit more lived-in.

For example, at retailers like Penny Morrison, you can pick out wicket table mats or coasters. Other key accessories include rustic cushions and table runners. The more accessories you can pick out, the easier it will be for you to create the rustic vibe.

Do Some DIY

Another great tip that we have for those who want to add some rustic charm to their home is to do some DIY projects. Upcycling is a very big trend right now and by repurposing an older piece, you can give it a new life without ruining the rustic feel. For example, do you have an old table that looks a bit worse for wear? If you could give this table a coat of paint or varnish, you could potentially use it in another room of the house.

Other DIY projects that can add rustic charm to your home include adding hooks to walls to hang jackets or scarfs. You can also build a shoe rack for your wellington boots that typically reside at the front door of any countryside home. You can get plenty of DIY tips and tricks online so make sure to have a look and see if any work for you.

The Lighting Matters

To add some rustic charm to your home, you should also consider the lighting that you have in there. The first thing to think about is the natural lighting and how much of it is coming in. Homes with rustic charm typically have large windows that let a lot of light in during the day. If you don’t have many windows, it might be time to think about adding some more in where you can.

Additionally, the lighting fixtures should also be one of your priorities. Chandeliers can work well as long as you make sure to avoid those made of glass and opt for metal fixtures. Spotlights are much too modern so try to avoid these in your home and go for something that adds to the overall feel.

Cushions and Throws

Finally, you should consider investing in some additional cushions and throws if you want to make sure that your home has all of the rustic charm that you desire. Throws that have patterns such as tartan can be placed on the end of chairs or on beds to make the entire home feel much more traditional and rustic. Cushions can also be effective while also making sure that any guests are comfortable on your furniture.

Try not to match patterns too much as this can look a bit forced. A mismatched décor can work well when it comes to creating something that truly is rustic.

Try These Tips

If you are living in a modern home, then adding some rustic charm to it isn’t always going to be easy. If you are up for a challenge, then you should try to use our tips to transform your home and create something really special. The rustic theme is very on-trend right now and if you are selling your home, it can be something that adds value.

Before you get started, create a plan and set your budget. If you don’t have the budget to replace the floors or windows, focus on accessories like table mats and cushions. This way, you’ll add some charm without breaking the bank. Over time, you can add to the home and make sure that it is exactly how you want it.